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War Robots MOD APK (Menu, Speed Multiplier/Unlimited Rockets) 9.3.1

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Introduce MOD APK War Robots

War Robots is an action game invested with the highest quality standards of PIXONIC. In this mortal battle, Robots are the main warriors involved. You and 5 other teammates will try to destroy the opponent with existing weapons. War Robots MOD is the place where battles take place as giants, players need to get used to the thrills. As a commander, you need to control Robots according to specific tactics. The danger can be anywhere, so always work with your team to get the best results. Destroy all opponents as soon as you discover their location. You should not waste bullets without standard targeting, keep in mind that.

Brings a fighting style like in blockbuster movies. War Robots is confident in image quality & graphics always achieve the maximum score. However, the weak configuration device is not affected much. Even Android 4.1 is easy to install and extremely fast to play. Please prepare about 800Mb free memory for the game processing system to be the best. For now, temporarily ignoring some configuration requirements, we will explore what cheat War Robots has? Whether it is worth adding to your list of favorite games or not. Heroes Strike with the fight with your teammates is quite interesting, and there are two versions to choose from. In addition, Ultraman: Dash.io lets players participate in impressive basic fighting styles.

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War Robots mod

Download War Robots MOD – Fight of the warriors

War Robots with PvP mode includes 6 players per team. Players need to determine the tactics played by the whole team. The members working together always produce the best effect. In the first few levels, you will practice using basic operations such as moving, attacking, or finding opponents. Nothing much of a problem in those levels, aim accurately and takedown fast. Make the most of new levels for new players to improve your skills. Once in the real battle, the game War Robots does not allow you to make any mistakes. Players may pay with their lives if the tactical calculation is incorrect. To experience all the functions of the game, you need to reach level 20. It is also a way for players to always have great surprises from War Robots.

  • Dead Effect 2 – Fighting with hideous monsters, you are not allowed to drop weapons if you do not want to lose your life.

Select the Robots you want

With 50+ different Robots, choosing a few warriors to fight is a breeze. In addition to having Au (Gold) or Ag (Silver), some Robots also require you to reach the level to own them. Let’s start with popular warriors like Cossack, Destrier, Gepard, Gl Patton, Gareth, Stalker, Jesse. Once you have really good combat experience, drag to the right to see a truly strong warrior. Falcon, Ao Jun, Raijin, Mercury, Hades, Ares, or Bulwark are all Robots many players yearn to own. The difference between the robots lies in speed, strength. In addition, each robot has a nickname that speaks of the main abilities such as Support, Bastion Mode, Helldive, Repair Mode, Hunt, Incursion …

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War Robots mod apk

Line for reinforcements

Indispensable support in battles. Reinforcement chest is one of them, players can get money or useful items when opening them. In each League tournament, you receive the corresponding reinforcement chest. Of course, the rewards are all proportional to the difficulty of each challenge.

Become a Premium player

If you upgrade Premium you get special features such as 2x speed, + 50% Ag per battle, +50 XP per battle. In my opinion, some of these incentives are not necessary for money. Download hack War Robots android, you can play well with all missions.

Other function

War Robots also has a number of other features for players such as Tournament, Tribal, and Activity. You will unlock these sections when you reach levels 5, 15, and 19. If you want to see your achievements in detail, the statistics of the last 50 battles will show what you have done.

War Robots mod download

Allows players to change Robots while fighting, you can reverse the game at any time. And yet, War Robots has a large map with a model of a plateau, a big city … the travel always feels comfortable. Download War Robots MOD APK start the war and fight with all your comrades here.

How to Download & Install War Robots MOD APK (Menu, Speed Multiplier/Unlimited Rockets) for Android

1. Please click Download button to select the MOD version you want at GameDVA.com.2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.3. Install and enjoy

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