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Dragon City Mod Apk v23.8.2 Download Unlimited Everything 2023

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Video hack game dragon city

Dragon City Mod Apk:Simulation games exhibit the best game play and are very famous among people of all ages. As they do not involve much complexities and are fairly easy to play. They are mostly loved by kids as these games usually involve building and taking care.

These games do not include stress and always staying alert like in action games. You can play such games easily and in much relaxed way and this brings peace too. They are very satisfying and good way to pass your time nicely. These games are everyone’s favourite and can easily make them addicted towards them.

Dragon City Mod Apk is a simulation and management game. It is developed by Social Point. The main target of this game are the mid core players. In this game you create your own Dragon City on floating islands by raising your dragons. You will be building a wonderful Dragon City by gaining hundreds of dragons.

Then breeding them and making them ready for a battle field in the arenas. You will become a dragon master by continuously leveling up. You will be showing your strength by engaging in combat with the other players. There you will be showing your excellence by dragons you have raised. In this social simulation game, you will dwell in fantasy realm teemed with magic.

For raising your dragons, you will be providing them everything from a place to rest to eat and to play. You will be raising in such a responsible way that the dragons will be healthy and growing up. There are over 100 unique and different dragons and you will be mastering in all of them.

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The best part of the game is that it gets updated every week and this eventually lead to a lot more new dragons. Your ultimate arena of play is the Dragon City Mod Apk universe where you will be fighting with the other players present over there. Combine over 10 unique species for the ultimate race. This charming and amazing game really brings pleasure to kids especially and they will be so loving this fun filled game power packed with lots of entertainment and joys.

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Dragon Book

By completing the Dragon Book, you will make your dragon city grow as there more than 1000 dragons to play and have fun with.

New Dragons

There are new dragons that are entering your game every now and then from islands and breeding events.

Dragon Skins

There are dragon skins that can be used and gained by participating in different events.

Dragon City Dragon City Mod ApkMod Apk


There are adventurous areas too in the game. You can play the dragon quests and play with other players in the arena and win new dragons to keep increasing your collection and leveling up. You can climb the leader boards and can also claim Warrior chests.


The powers are to be collected all in the area like Orbs and they empower dragons. You can see strengths in battle grow.


You can get social while interacting with other players. You can chat with them, trade Orbs, share alliance gifts events and open Alliance chests.

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There is the facility of accessing game everywhere. You can have multiple logins and can save your game so you may open it anywhere.

Dragon City Mod Apk

Mod version

The Mod version which is the paid version of the game gives access to many resources. You will get infinite gold, unlimited gems, hundreds of dragons, PvP combat battle. There are other resources too which get unlimited these are food, orbs, gold and gems. So the Mod version is actually having extra fun and privileges so you may enjoy your game in a much better way than the free version of it. You can also unlock any arena, any dragon and can also increase the power of any dragon. You can empower the dragons also.

Dragon City Mod Apk


This game is available on desktops, androids and IOS. So you can also play it on your phone scree with lots of comfort and ease. There is no need to sit specifically in front of desktop and play a game. You can simply play it on phone and get the best form of entertainment.


The graphics are really amazing and colorful. They are so lush that they easily attract the kids and make them easily addicted to this game.

Smooth Game

The game is really smooth and runs perfectly without slowing down your phone.

Easy To Play

Dragon City is an easy to play game and you can simply play it without getting into any problems. Children can play it too with so much ease.

Dragon City Mod Apk

How To Download

To get your favourite game right in front of you, you have to follow these very simple steps.

  • Open your phone and connect it with Wi Fi.
  • Now open settings and then go to security.
  • Now enable the unknown sources if not enabled previously.
  • Now open the downloading link for getting your game downloaded.
  • Wait for your game to be installed in your phone.
  • Launch from menu and you are done with all steps.
  • Enjoy your game.
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Dragon City Mod Apk

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